Too lazy to do something… rainy day:(

so I admire what other do, or just looking for inspiration. Let,s see what I found

cute motives for earrings or Christmas decoration

nice colors

how to transform a table cloth (or a table cloth motif) in a cute bolero

it’s a flower motif, for a table cloth or doily or whatever (curtains? bolero?)

this is for the winter:))

and a doily star:) in white red and green it will look great under the tree:P

This is from here . For more visit her blog!

these knitted mittens inspired me to crochet… something like the next picture:)

something like this;) but next time I will use a soft yarn, I think

nice tuto for bracelet

and a daisy bracelet, with earrings

Have a nice day!

and this is a tatted necklace, you can bead it or tat in any color/colors you want!


Easy and fast crochet hat with written instructions now

Cristina My Crochet

I found this on Internet without a link, so I use it. I am pretty sure we aren’t allowed to use her face, so I covered it! I think we can do it until tonight! Have fun! (Use a H crochet hook, at least, or 6.5 which is… I don’t remember right now, and a skein of yarn I think, or less, of worst weight yarn).

nice crochet pattern for hat 1

Ok, let’ write the pattern, in my interpretation because the chart is  a little bit hard to read.

I will use a 5 mm (H) crochet hook and Red Heart Margareta 2 strands now ( you can use a worst weight yarn or a sport yarn, but this is what I have:D). If you want a larger hat you can use a 6-6.5 mm hook (J), or work loosely.


ch = chain

st = stitch

sl st = slip stitch

sc =…

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Some of my items available on etsy


an irish crochet top

an one of the kind dress

or a pdf pattern

A new raid on Internet looking for something cute to make this weekend

Let’s see what I found :pendant or earring

First some beaded earrings or pendant, looks good for me, I will give a try later.

Next, 104563418_large_a99857f2489a89e35972ee2ee12f5273 (1) is a very nice shawl, lace crochet with fans, my favorites.

And the last one for now should be a tatting something I guess, but I prefer this:

0_8f592_c592aefa_XLwith a chart which says it belongs to someone from Russia, but I found it on a brazilian image host site…0_8f595_3de3ee77_L

And other cute things, with charts or only for inspiration100717166_large_77100717167_large_78100717168_large_7998904641_large_065459e095e1e29ed5f821f38e3f5bef100279995_large_35894530481_large_441567694530483_large_1778253pp-zelpp-zel2

The dress and the sunflower blanket, vintage or not, are absolutely gorgeous!

Now choose your project and have fun!


2 more new scarves and few jewelry I made this week

This one is open work, shining, made in wool and some metallic thread.

purple glittering again, but this is Alize shawl. It’s a fluffy , and lace crochet scarf. And it is very long, 2 m almost.

lace black beaded collar with pink little flowers

this is on grey, black, and white

and a flat spiral bracelet, obvious purple;)) with some pink