Easy and fast crochet hat with written instructions now

Cristina My Crochet

I found this on Internet without a link, so I use it. I am pretty sure we aren’t allowed to use her face, so I covered it! I think we can do it until tonight! Have fun! (Use a H crochet hook, at least, or 6.5 which is… I don’t remember right now, and a skein of yarn I think, or less, of worst weight yarn).

nice crochet pattern for hat 1

Ok, let’ write the pattern, in my interpretation because the chart is  a little bit hard to read.

I will use a 5 mm (H) crochet hook and Red Heart Margareta 2 strands now ( you can use a worst weight yarn or a sport yarn, but this is what I have:D). If you want a larger hat you can use a 6-6.5 mm hook (J), or work loosely.


ch = chain

st = stitch

sl st = slip stitch

sc =…

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