Some of my work gallery

Just to keep them here;)

2014-03-22 12.57.37-2 2014-03-21 16.54.49-14 2014-03-22 12.52.32-2 denim00 2014-03-06 17.29.38-3 2014-03-06 14.24.10-3 2014-03-06 18.58.47-1 2014-03-06 13.57.41-19 2014-03-06 13.33.24-3 blue sweater Fotografie0045 Fotografie0041 doilie 1 Fotografie0012 bracelet 1 2014-01-22 17.41.08-10 2014-02-07 21.52.09-2 2014-02-07 21.45.52-4 2014-01-19 19.54.13-23 2014-01-19 19.54.13-19 2014-01-19 19.54.13-12 earrings 2 lace cuff lace crochet cuff lace crochet earrings Fotografie0701 fingerless mittens green embroidered scarf

lace crochet red collar with flowers

lace crochet red collar with flowers

scarf crochet doily Christmas pillow1 covoras3 doily crochet gloves Fotografie0189 Fotografie0255 wheel earrings 2 blue flower earrings 1 bracelet 3 crochet cowl and wrist warmer 2 earrings4 Imagine0477 manusi One of my crocheted tops My work


Crochet set for winter

Cute crochet hat, scarf and wrist warmers

crochet cowl and wrist warmer 2 crochet cowl1 crochet hat 1 crochet set 3 crochet set 4 crochet set 6 crochet wrist warmer 2 crochet wrist warmers1 Imagine0601

Available on my etsy shop!

And a pattern for the hat:)

Crochet earrings for Christmas

Nice lace crochet flower earring. I used a 1 mm steel crochet hook and cotton thread:D

searrings earrings3earrings2

Round 1: Chain 3, 11 dc in the first ch, join with sl st in the third ch from the beginning ch 3.

Round 2: ch 3, 2 dc tog in the same st (beginning cluster), ch 2, *3 dc tog (cluster of 3) in the next dc, ch 2*, repeat *_* 10 more times, join with sl st in the third ch from the beginning ch 3. (12 clusters)

Round 3: ch 4 (counts as 1 dc and ch 1), dc in the next ch 2, ch 1, *dc in the next cluster, ch 1, dc in the next ch 2 from the previous round, ch 1*; repeat *_* all around, join with sl st in the third ch from the beginning ch 3 (24 dc)

Round 4: *ch 4, sc in the next ch from the previous round*, repeat *_* all around, join with sl st in the first ch from the beginning ch 4.

Fasten off. Block with stiffener, if you want to, I am not a big fan.


Choose 4 (or 2, if you use only for one side), flower shape crystals or glass beads, and 4 white seed beads. Sew one seed bead and one crystal on every side of your flowers, and add some findings. ( I used silver plated, but you can use whatever you want or have already) ,and voila! You have nice earrings for Christmas. Works as a nice gift too! Add that it is fast too! (Even you are a beginner, it won’ take you more than an hour.)

Work in progress

My new pullover, again one of a kind, on ocean theme, blue navy with white and bleu ciel. I made the mesh on V stitch from the beginning, to be warm for the winter:)

Imagine0574Imagine0575 Imagine0576 Imagine0577 Imagine0578

I think I need some see horses and some coral or shells or both. The sleeves will be in V stitch, like the mesh, and a huge neck warmer in waves or jumbo stitch, I don’t know yet; so next weekend I hope to finish it:)


Maybe pinterest works better:)

I want a crochet cardi:) so I look what other do, more for the shape, then for a pattern but… I love what I found


bolero 1




This one is a free pattern here

Now let’s see if it works! It doesn’t

bolero 2

This one looks pretty and easy:)

This one is gorgeous and has a free pattern on link

And the next one I found on pinterest

motives cardi the link goes to pinterest from there you go on website

this is for sale I think, but it’s gorgeous

But something like this can be made;) this is just the idea.

We can use one of the next motives, lace or more solids:

cardigan11cardi 2 cardi3

I think this is most likely


And now I will finish my freeform/ irish something cardi:P and maybe some crochet/ bead bracelet and necklaces:))

Have a nice weekend!

Some tops, blouse short and long sleeves

Nice motif any way

this one is gorgeous, but really need some sleeves for winter;)

a nice jacket or blanket, or shawl with these flower motives

some irish crochet motives, or freeform, however you want (could be in cotton, or wool, or mix yarns as you like it)

you find the arangement here :

finally a long sleeves blouse;)

I wish I can translate:) but looks pretty good

I didn't find those specific flowers, but the next ones will work great:)

this one is my favorite 🙂

I mean these ones, or another sweater / pullover / cardigan

Enjoy it:)