Maybe pinterest works better:)

I want a crochet cardi:) so I look what other do, more for the shape, then for a pattern but… I love what I found


bolero 1




This one is a free pattern here

Now let’s see if it works! It doesn’t

bolero 2

This one looks pretty and easy:)

This one is gorgeous and has a free pattern on link

And the next one I found on pinterest

motives cardi the link goes to pinterest from there you go on website

this is for sale I think, but it’s gorgeous

But something like this can be made;) this is just the idea.

We can use one of the next motives, lace or more solids:

cardigan11cardi 2 cardi3

I think this is most likely


And now I will finish my freeform/ irish something cardi:P and maybe some crochet/ bead bracelet and necklaces:))

Have a nice weekend!


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