Some inspiration for holidays

I made some research on internet and I found some interesting things to make these days.

Let’s start with some jewelry for ourselves:

A crochet necklace, only the diagram, I couldn’t find a decent photo for the result, I will check it tomorrow or Monday:

crochet necklace

I will make it in red and white, or maybe black? or blue?? Hmm, I don’t know yet.

Another cute crochet necklace is this one, and I bet I saw one black, but I didn’t find it…

necklace 3

Those little circle are beads. Or pearls.

Some bracelets and earrings?:D

Found this on pinterest here

and sent me here :


Just circles, crochet or macrame.

Or a cuff which can be embellished with beads or flowers:


Hoop earrings? I made something like this, not exactly the same, but close enough

hoop earrings

Or a full set:


If you know the real source of these images, please let me know to ask for permission or at least to give credits…

And a beaded set:

beaded set

4 thoughts on “Some inspiration for holidays

  1. Alissa says:

    Would you be able to send me a pattern on how to make the bracelet that looks like interlocking circles?

  2. Gaelle says:

    I am looking for a new hobby. Would you teach new beginners?

    • hi! sorry, I work full time and no, I don’t, but I recommend Crochet Geek or teresa richardson’s channel on YouTube, for beginners. You will find there a lot of tutorials for beginners. Bob Wilson channel too. Or Michael on Crochet crowd. You can use any channel fit to your needs.

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