Some macrame and irish crochet free resources

Lets start with my new bracelet and necklace:

bracelet 1

macrame necklace

micro-macrame with beads (all kind:))., made on crochet thread with viscose for a silk effect, some seed beads, acrylic beads and glass beads.

You can find them on my etsy shop, just follow the link (click on image or in the right of the page).

Now about irish crochet.

I found this blouse on pinterest and I followed the link:

irish crochet cca 1905

If you like it and want to learn how-to-do such things I found some free resources (e-books) and photo tutorials on pinterest with links to websites: You can find the e-books in French:

4 vols.

and in english:

You have a Read button on right side.

Or you can find more here:

And some motives I found via internet: (I think they are in French book too):

crochet motif irish roses







Macrame bracelets and some UFO (crochet) things

I learned something  new this weekend! How to make #friendship bracelets.

And these are the results: (the pink one is the very first…)

2014-01-19 19.54.13-2 2014-01-19 19.54.13-8 2014-01-19 19.54.13-10 2014-01-19 19.54.13-12 2014-01-19 19.54.13-19 2014-01-19 19.54.13-23 2014-01-19 19.54.13-25 2014-01-19 20.02.02-2

I used the post I re-blogged to learn knots, and a pinterest file:


The right page is for the stripe bracelet.

For the hearts bracelet, I used a tutorial from here: Now I see she has a video tutorial too:)).

For the #micro-macrame bracelet with beads I used a tutorial, you can find it here:, for advanced, you can use bead4perfectionists video tutorial on YouTube

Or for beginners one, on more strings, I used only 5. Here

Now my UFO things, I mean unfinished objects :D, what did you think??

I finished the back for my shrug:

2014-01-19 21.01.33-1

I made a sleeve for my pullover, one more to go:) and some granny square and a square something, I didn’t decided yet , a pillow case or a blanket, maybe?

2014-01-19 20.30.26-1 2014-01-19 20.30.26-2 2014-01-19 20.30.26-4 2014-01-19 20.30.26-7

And I have big plans for this week: to finally finish my sweater, and the shrug, and at least a dozen of bracelets… and… some beaded stuff…

Pour aller plus loin avec les bracelets brésiliens


Nous avons vu dans le précédent article la méthode (B-A BA) pour faire un bracelet en diagonale. Il s’agit de faire se suivre des bandes de couleur dans l’ordre des fils.

Allons ici un peu plus loin avec un peu de théorie sur les quatre différents nœuds que l’on peut rencontrer en faisant un bracelet brésilien et voyons différents modèles que nous pouvons mettre en application avec ces différents nœuds.

La théorie : les quatre nœuds

Le premier nœud que nous avions vu porte le nom « endroit-endroit » : le fil de gauche vient faire une boucle autour du fil de droite puis une seconde. C’est alors le fil de gauche qui donne sa couleur au nœud et le fil de gauche se retrouve à droite et le fil de droite, à gauche.

Il existe son jumeau, le nœud « Envers-envers » qui consiste à faire deux boucles successives du fil de droite autour du…

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Finger knitted scarf and a knitted sweater

Only few pictures today, the rest in weekend, including my UFO things… (means unfinished objects…) Maybe I will finish one untill Friday:D

Ok, first 2 finger knitted scarves, almost identical, one has leaves and one hearts;)

finger knitted scarf with little hearts


this one has leaves

And a knitted sweater, size S-M

knitted sweater

knitted sweater full size

And I finally manged to list this scarf:)

crochet infinity scarf








Bracelet, earrings, cuff, and gloves


Happy New Year!

New year, new items, this time on #crochet thread, and #lace.

First, #bridal mittens, or #cuffs.

cuffs lace crochet cuff 2 lace crochet cuff lace crochet wedding cuff


made on cotton thread.

Than assorted earrings: #crochet earrings with #beaded heart:

lace crochet earrings


and a black #cuff or #bracelet:

crochet cuff black gothic crochet cuff lace cuff


Some beads I made last week:

A #herringbone stitch bracelet:

bracelet_1 Fotografie0758 herringbone bracelet herringbone bracelet1


I am very proud of this one. Looks better then in pictures and I made the toggle myself. (All stores are closed until Monday:)), so I had a good reason to try.)

For this one I watched a video tutorial from Auntie’s beads, but I didn’t have that kind of beads, so I adapted. Maybe next time I will try their pattern.


And some earrings :

earrings 1 earrings 2 earrings_2 Fotografie0770


And that’s it for today:)

Have a nice weekend!