Shades of blue retro sweater

Fresh from the hook a new retro chic #crocheted sweater or shrug or bolero, with 3/4 sleeves and a big flower, no buttons.

It’s just dc and a fan border, but I love the result. The yarn and the shape make the difference, I think. And the flower, it’s a 3 layers flower, I’m not sure that you can see it… It is removable, so it will fit to S-M size. The yarn is blue, grey and some shades of brown, but less then it is in second picture.

bl sw colors bl sw det blue sw flower blue sw blue sweater 2 blue sweater 3 blue sweater



Listed now on etsy here  or you will find a link somewhere in the right of the page.

It is really cute, isn’t it?:D

Now, I have to bead something, or make some nice bracelets or earrings or some gifts:) So next time I will post the results, I think.


Some updates to bolero

Few new pictures in natural light:

bolero 3 bolero det bolero0


And how to do it:

First make a pattern with your (desired) dimensions. It will look like this:

2014-02-22 22.05


Mine looks like this, if you need  S:

2014-02-22 22.11


And I used these stitches, first for the main part, second for sleeves. You can use another one, if you don’t like it.

2014-02-22 22.18


I don’t find now a decent photo, sorry for this one.

First is a multiple of 10 (+4 sts, so you can start each row with 2 dc, or first and last group of 5 dc will be reduced at 2-3 dc to fit your dimensions)

I used a 5 mm hook (H/8) and a medium weight yarn.

Gauge: 17 sts x 9 rows of pattern = 10 x10 cm (4 x 4 inches)

Chain as many as you need to fit your desired dimension, or start with foundation sc, as you wish.

Row 1: ch 3, 1dc  in each next 2 sts, skip 2 sts, 5 dc in next st (shell), skip 2 sts, *1dc in each next 5 sts, skip 2 sts, 5 dc in the next st*, repeat *_* until the last 2 sts, finish row with 2 dc.

Row 2: ch 3, dc in the next st, 5 dc in 3rd st (in top of the shell formed in row 1) , skip 2 sts, *1 dc in each next 5 sts, skip 2 sts, 5 dc in top of the next shell, skip 2 sts*; repeat *_* until the end of the row.

2014-02-16 18.29.37-3 2014-02-16 18.29.37-4 2014-02-16 18.29.37-5 2014-02-16 18.29.37-6 2014-02-16 18.29.37-7


The sleeves will look like this:

2014-02-16 18.29.37-1 2014-02-16 18.29.37-2


Hard to see the pattern, but you can see the shape.

Join together and choose a nice border. (Join the sleeves from the top point, it’s much easier.)

Instead of  buttons I made 2 bullion st flowers with little pearls in the middle.

I hope you will find this useful:).

Have a nice weekend!

New colorful bolero and more colorful doily

A little cute bolero with flowers and beads:

2014-02-17 00.48.47-3 Fotografie0006 Fotografie0007Fotografie0005 Fotografie0006


It is size S-M, maybe I will write the pattern or at least some indications tomorrow night:)

And a doily or center table on acrylic yarn,  50 cm diameter (20 inches), with a buillon stitch flower. I tried a pattern, to see if it is flat, and it isn’t:))

doilie 1 doilie det 2 doilie det fl doilie


And some tatting things, old and new:

Fotografie0035 Fotografie0036 Fotografie0037 Fotografie0039 Fotografie0041 Fotografie0042 Fotografie0045 Fotografie0046 Fotografie0056 Fotografie0057


OK, more tomorrow evening, now I really have to go!


New jewelry

Something made this weekend, or just listed today.

A turkish crochet rope necklace with glass seed beads and cotton thread:

#necklace 1

#turkish crochet rope necklace

Finally listed the pendant too, with a strand necklace with golden and black beads:


and a close view for leopard motif cabochon:


and a #friendship bracelet in shades of beige, orange and red, not listed. I don’t know if I will list it.

bracelet det 3 bracelet bracelet 0 bracelet 1 bracelet det bracelet det 1

Now back to work! I have to finish a lot of UFO things and my WIP sweater.

Have a nice day!

Freeform Crochet Shrug, Bolero, Jacket…

Check her Tips and Tricks page and the etsy shop for pattern(s)! Absolutely gorgeous!

Renate Kirkpatrick's Freeform Crochet~Knit~Fibre Designs

Noro shrug1Noro shrug2

Here is another freeform crochet shrug, bolero, jacket based on my ‘Easy Crochet Shrug, in 3 steps’ pattern…

This particular shrug was created in Noro King & assorted yarns using chevron & spirals patterns as the most prominent crochet motifs. I love these little shrugs… they’re loose fitting & lightweight, great for those summer evenings or to jazz up your favourite winter jumper (sweater)… best of all they’re super fun to make… enjoy!!

Available for sale in my Etsy shop

Noro shrug3Noro shrug4

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Playing with yarns

I didn’t post for a while, but this doesn’t mean that I didn’t crochet, knit or bead. And I discovered one of my first embroidery pattern. It is almost 20 years old…

Crochet first.

Something for the season, in pink and grey with hearts, of course.

A #neckwarmer with hearts and some shells:

2014-02-07 21.41.35-4 2014-02-07 21.43.33-1 2014-02-07 21.43.33-2 2014-02-07 21.45.52-2 2014-02-07 21.45.52-3 2014-02-07 21.45.52-4

A cute pink #crochet collar with a pearl button:

2014-02-07 21.26.47-1 2014-02-07 21.26.47-2 2014-02-07 21.26.47-3 2014-02-07 21.26.47-4 2014-02-07 21.26.47-5

A finger knitted scarf or neckwarmer. I love the color, and the yarn. I made some fingerless mittens too with this yarn, but I do’t find the pictures… later, maybe.

2014-02-07 21.52.09-1

Still #knitting, but a sweater this time:

2014-02-01 15.51.34-2 2014-02-01 15.51.34-4 2014-02-07 21.50.02-1 2014-02-07 21.50.02-4

Cute, I think. ( I am modest now:D)

In few hours I will post those hearts, for neckwarmer too (the crocheted one).

and #beading, an embroidered pendant with a leopardin pattern glass cabochon, on leather:

2014-01-22 17.41.08-7 2014-01-22 17.41.08-9 2014-01-22 17.41.08-10

Now I am thinking at necklace. I think an I-cord, or a tatted necklace, or maybe crochet with beads…

As I said, I discovered this piece of paper:

2014-02-07 21.14.55-1 2014-02-07 21.14.55-2

maybe I will use it now. It is 15 x 20 cm, but I don’t remember what I wanted to do with it…

Now, is dinner time, I will share the hearts after.

I mean now:

2014-02-08 12.28.46-1 2014-02-08 12.28.46-2


These can be used to knit, crochet (sc or slip stitch, carrying your second color), or beaded (brick stitch, or loom, or crochet bracelets).

In the first graph 0 is grey and x is pink, you can choose your own colors.

For cowl I used a 5 mm hook (H/8), with a medium weight yarn, started with 70 chains, and then sc (dc UK).

Have fun!


Have a great weekend!

Crochet bracelet revisited

Very nice blog and bracelet:)

Crafty Beats

Another reason I stoped crafting is I had something in progress. It’s always difficult for me to start a new project without finishing the old one, unless I already give up working on it.

Ms. C and I talked about making patterns last week and the conversation reminded me I still got a crochet pattern to clear up. On an early morning a few days later, I was in such a grateful “calculating” mood that I had enjoyed a moment of drawing crochet stitches. However, there was not enough time for me to finish examing the pattern before the day actually began (hubby got up:-P).

The bracelet is done today. It just means I start another project later, but doesn’t mean I finish the pattern. The fact is……I changed a few parts while I was crocheting, and I want to modify even more, for example, using sc instead of…

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