Shades of blue retro sweater

Fresh from the hook a new retro chic #crocheted sweater or shrug or bolero, with 3/4 sleeves and a big flower, no buttons.

It’s just dc and a fan border, but I love the result. The yarn and the shape make the difference, I think. And the flower, it’s a 3 layers flower, I’m not sure that you can see it… It is removable, so it will fit to S-M size. The yarn is blue, grey and some shades of brown, but less then it is in second picture.

bl sw colors bl sw det blue sw flower blue sw blue sweater 2 blue sweater 3 blue sweater



Listed now on etsy here  or you will find a link somewhere in the right of the page.

It is really cute, isn’t it?:D

Now, I have to bead something, or make some nice bracelets or earrings or some gifts:) So next time I will post the results, I think.


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