Crocheted rug


These are my notes, to the one who knows what she said… and will be available in few hours.

I finally made one! With my own pattern, that I will list it in few hours. I have to make it nice, with pictures:D

YES, finished the pattern in US terms, with enough pictures I think, for all


and taddam:

crochet rug 00 crochet rug det big crochet rug det crochet rug

What do you think? It is 83 cm diameter, which means 33 inches? Or something like this. I have to convert it. But I am very proud of it.

And the shrug is almost done. I have to join sleeves and cut tails 😦 Tomorrow, I think:)

So, I used my own pattern, and I wrote it this time, now I have to put it in a word document with pictures, maybe a photo tutorial in 2 colors for the middle part, and make it pdf, hm, see you in 5-6 hours:)) At least.

Made it:) #pattern here:

OK, made it in UK terms too.

Good night! Sleep well!



6 thoughts on “Crocheted rug

  1. youngatfifty says:

    Beautiful 🙂 You MUST be proud 😀

  2. tilleyb says:

    Aaah, your pattern notes are way neater than mine!!! Lovely rug.

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