WIP and some bracelets

It’s just a gallery this time. We have issues with power and Internet connection, because it’s raining (again), of course.blue pearls bracelet green bracelet red bracelet with flower tear drop earrings peach bracelet 2014-04-21 18.30.29-11 2014-04-21 18.30.29-28 2014-04-21 18.38.39-2 2014-04-22 12.30.50-3 crocheted rug 2014-04-22 13.29.57-3 2014-04-22 13.29.57-4 crocheted rug 2014-04-24 19.51.12-4 blue bracelet 0 blue bracelet1 blue bracelet02 peach bracelet

I checked the rug pattern, and I started a huge one. Already has 170 cm x100 cm. I need to make another 5-7 rounds to reach 210 x 150 ( 7ft x 5 ft), and to fill the gaps with some cute triangles or flowers. It is a banana or butter white in 3 strands, Red Heart Detroit 2 strands + Alize Cotton Gold 1 strand. I have to finish it this weekend.

The blue #bracelets and the peach one are RAW, and the red and the green one are stretch bangles.

And almost forgot the flowers for my birthday:

2014-04-23 09.42.55-4 2014-04-23 09.42.55-5


That’s it for today, more next time, in a sunny day maybe…I hope you like it…


4 thoughts on “WIP and some bracelets

  1. I love the big pearl bracelets! Especially the peach and orange one 🙂 I haven’t the patience to do this beadwork any more. 😦 Do you sell your work? Can’t remember and didn’t readily find a source. Be seeing you around on Google + too 🙂

  2. […] WIP and some bracelets (cristinamycrochet.wordpress.com) […]

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