Huge crocheted rug

2014-04-27 12.51.02-1

crocheted rug

2014-04-27 12.51.02-2

crocheted rug


Now you can see that is huge!:) 5 ft x 7 ft!

Finally finished. It needs to be washed and blocked and maybe some eco stiffener.

covoras 2 covoras 3 covoras det covoras covoras1

5 days, (evenings:D and nights), 1500 yds of yarn x 3 strands, this means 1,5 kilos, more or less tails, but looks great to me. And it’s huge 200 + cm x 140+, longer and larger than myson couch:))  I took the pictures from an armchair. Now I can sleep:D, it’s 4 am here.

But I have to add some hashtags first…

#crochet, #crochet rug, #handmade, #oval rug


5 thoughts on “Huge crocheted rug

  1. Fabulous! I was trying to get a feel for how big it really is 🙂 Could you share another pic with something for us to eyeball the size 🙂 I bet it’s HEAVY too! Washable? I’m just so IMPRESSED!

  2. Wow! Now that is a rug! Impressive indeed!

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