Lace crocheted dress

Sales gone, it’s time for something new, for summer>


lace crocheted dress

It’s a dress in pink and green, made with crochet thread (Alize) and a 1.5 mm steel crochet hook. It is a retro style I think, but fits great.

Now more pictures and the stitches I used. The upper part is made joining vertical bands (stripes) of motives.

Pictures first, than some patterns or stitches I used.

upper det dress 011 dress 018 dress 041 dress 045

For the upper part I used some circles in a square, you can choose any granny squares, with flowers maybe, from or maybe pinterest

or google search…

or the granny from the shrug maybe:

shrug granny

I added an extra round of dc, ch 2.

For the flower stripes :

lotus flower


and for the back and front joining: (the orange stitch) R1: ch 3, sc in 4th  st, repeat; R2: 3dc in next ch 3 space, ch 1, and repeat.



dress det dress det0 dress det 0 dress det 2 dress det back

And the skirt. First join the top of  the dress (upper side). Then work in rounds: First round: chain 3, sc in 3rd st.

For first stitch I didn’t find any image, and it’s pretty easy: 5 dc, ch 2 and reapeat all around. (I made 10 rounds.)

The second one: (the 3rd one from the picture) (I made 8 rounds)

rochie fusta




dress skirt front det upper part

For the next stitch, let’s see if I find something:

I didn’t, obvious: it’s 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc in same st, ch 1, reapeat all around ( to increase ch 2, if you need).

I wanted to use this one,  I don’t remember why I didn’t…


skirt det1 skirt det full skirt det full 0


I will keep all these pictures. Maybe will help.

Fourth stitch:skirt 4

And finally, the pineapple motif: first one from the bottom.



And now my WIP:

it will be a vest or a short sleeves cardi:dress 030 dress 026 dress 027 dress 028 dress 029

About this next time. I have a short holiday so I will finish it soon:D

Now hashtags:))) #crochet, #crocheted dress, #summer dress



5 thoughts on “Lace crocheted dress

  1. amigurumibb says:

    the dress is amazingly light and airy! looks like lace knitted. Very beautiful.

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