Lace crocheted vest

I finished it!

It’s a vest this time:

lace crocheted vest shoulder lace crocheted vest lace crocheted vest back lace crocheted vest button


I used a 5 mm (H/8) crochet hook and a worst weight yarn.

Chain 5, form a ring

R1: ch 5  (count as dc+ch 2), dc, ch 2, repeat 7 times (8dc+ch2 groups).Join in 3rd ch from the beginning ch 3.

R2: ch 3, 3 dc in next ch 2 space (that means in that big hole under the chain…) , *ch 9, 4 dc in next ch 2 space, ch 3, 4 dc in next ch 2 space*, repeat around to form a square: 4 corners (ch 9) and 8 petals.

Join motives as you go.

I don’t have a diagram, I just adapted…

I found a diagram;) I knew it;) so it’s for a top and a low quality but it works: (it is for a top found on pinterest, following link you will find it, looks great, by the way)

For fringe bracelet it is a tutorial :

And 2 blue bracelets:

something blue bracelet blue bracelet blue bracelet1 blue pearls bracelet fringe bracelet something blue

I didn’t list these ones yet.  Maybe next week.

Have a nice weekend:)


4 thoughts on “Lace crocheted vest

  1. Hi Cristina, I am new follower with g+ (Crochet With Linda Dawn) and I just had to visit your blog to say how lovely your red crochet vest is. I
    I love working with motifs, I just recently learnt how to incorporate them into my crochet projects. I made a waistcoat using Granny squares as my first attempt. More recently I used a French written and charted pattern to make a Racer Back Top for my daughter. I have translated the pattern as it is such a gorgeous design and I know I will want to make it again.
    So I came here to see your new vest and what a surprise to find the gorgeous braclet here too.
    I look forward to following your future posts
    Bye for now
    Linda xx

  2. cmchesebro says:

    I love your work! I must try making the crochet braclets. Thanks for sharing.

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