Crocheted rug # 4

Rug or blanket, but a huge one. Made with hemp rope (chains) and wool and acrylic yarn. This one is colorful.

Measures 2 m x 3 m (aprox), it will be a little bit larger after first wash, when the rope will relax. And an impressive weight: 4 kg more or less 200 g.

Ok, this is it:

rug 1 rug0 rug3 rug4 rug5flower1 det flower rug 2 true colors


Some colors are brighter, you can see in the last picture or on my FB page. And somewhere are my sandals too:)) and Mister Rabbit;).


So, this is what I did in 2 weeks. And a little bracelet, but I will show you next time.


3 thoughts on “Crocheted rug # 4

  1. I just Love this its a Master Piece Hang on a Wall. My Bed yes. You did this in 2 weeks?? I misunderstood right ?? Gorgeous.

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