Summer sales

Starting now, untill September 20 use coupon code SUMMER2014 at check out and get 30% discount (minimum purchase is 15$).

Some of my listed items:

Vase with poppies needlepoint

Madonna praying needlepoint

Irish crocheted top fall theme

Made to order (in any color

Huge crocheted rug

pearl bracelet (faux)

little black dress with blue sparkling metallic thread

Made to order in any color (this one is ready to ship)

doily crocheted rug

blue pearls(faux) bracelet

green pearls (faux) bracelet

lace crocheted top

crocheted dress

beadwork necklace

crocheted scarf in earth tones


Unique beadwork bracelet

crocheted top

made to order in any other color

mandala crocheted rug

crocheted shrug

For other 60+ items you have to check my shop:) All pictures have link to my shop and you have a link or 2 in the right side of my page:)

Have a nice weekend!


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