New crocheted scarf # who knows?

I said small projects, now I make only scarves;) And a headband.

So, I listed the red one, now let me introduce you another 3;))

The brown one, made with 6.5 mm (K) crochet hook and a soft bulky wool. It’s so called interlocking crochet. I made a mesh and then I inserted the Big Bang Alize yarn. I wanted some pompons yarn, but I didn’t find it. I will try it some other time:

scarves 151 scarves 144

Real colors in the second picture. Cute, cozy and warm. For more pictures check my FB page or my etsy shop here:

The second one it’s broomstick lace in dark purple and some variegated yarn with a lot of purple:

scarves 163 scarves 158 scarves 161

listed this one too;)

And an assorted headband in tunisian crochet:


tunisian crochet headband

And the last one, a cowl or scarf or cape, made with a bulky yarn and a 9 mm crochet hook:

scarf cowl cape

Now, I remind you that you can get 30% discount for any item from my shop using coupon code SUMMER2014 at check out:)

Part of page 3 from my etsy shop;)



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