New crocheted collar and few bracelets


A blue collar, I have to check again the pattern, before posting, but this one looks great!

crocheted collar crocheted collar 1 crocheted collar 2

That flower is a brooch.

And few bracelets, as I said,

beaded bracelet in white, black and yellow

beaded bracelet in white, black and yellow

This one is a RAW bracelet with multifaceted beads white and black

10660188_835418229824397_1037814040512955449_n 7087_835418309824389_4798182793913811401_n


the red one is a turkish crocheted rope with different sizes beads and a stretch bracelet in white, black and silver1549545_835418549824365_7931830131580304375_n 1975000_835418459824374_302323925849823498_n

another stretch bracelet in red with some silver charms

turkish crocheted rope bracelet 10305950_835418433157710_5746964530962885693_n stretch bracelet 10614265_835418503157703_2581741171857826300_n stretch bracelet!

and a brooch or pendant, I didn’t decided yet:D

10393795_832242386808648_4633651467288953793_n 10613084_832242363475317_856703373420146956_n 10660317_832242346808652_8098957942754490245_n

I was pretty busy this weekend:)

Now, let’s use some hashtags:) #mywork







3 thoughts on “New crocheted collar and few bracelets

  1. You have been BUSY!! I like your handiworks very much. I especially like the twisted red beaded macrame bracelet. Thanks for posting!

  2. hotelgoddess says:

    I love these! They were incredibly popular when I was in high school in the late 80s. I’m glad to see them make a comeback!

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