Crocheted necklace(s)

Fresh from the hook;) An Irish roses crocheted necklace in golden with little pearls:

irish crochet

For roses I used this picture (found on web):

irish roses

And for the rest clusters of 4 and rings.

And a braided necklace with flower, clover and heart cabochon:

braided1 braded2 braided

This one needs to be block and I don’t have pattern for it;)) This one is a medium size necklace.


3 thoughts on “Crocheted necklace(s)

  1. amigurumibb says:

    Both are lovely. First one with the pattern like liiitle bit more (think that is because I just adore crocheted flowers) 🙂

  2. junecrafts says:

    Like the first one – been looking for a necklace for a bride, this might just suit.

  3. It’s not so dark, lighter than the picture looks;) It’s Anchor gold cotton, still available in my shop, can be made on white or off white as a customisation

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