Summer crafts, crochet for summer and sales

First, I want to congrats our friends from UK for their vote. Great job, you just managed to shake one of the strongest economy of the world! And you did it by yourselves, nobody to blame for it! Who wins? Putin, obvious (Divide et impera).  So, if you don’t speak Russian yet, start learning. BTW, if you hope to sign another good economic agreement with UE, I’m afraid you’re dreaming.  This happens when you choose a clown as a leader. A clown is fun, looks good on tv, but his role is to entertain, not to lead.(see also Donald Trump).

Now, I have a lot o new goodies to show, so I will make a gallery. If I remember how.

what about some swimsuits?:D

A blue one with waves:


and a lace one with flower cups:il_570xn-963695250_bh7d

And 2 really pretty knitted tops (#knitting), #top, #cableknit

A rainbow one:


#haltertop #croptop

and a blue oneil_570xn-967701770_ftf8

made in Alize cotton gold. Same yarn I used for a really pretty shawl:


And a red crocheted top this time:

still Alize Gotton gold

For more pictures and another crafts visit my shops: etsy shop or a little market boutique .

Sorry, no pattern this time, but it’s too hot here…


2 thoughts on “Summer crafts, crochet for summer and sales

  1. Molly says:

    Stick to crocheting and stop talking about something you have no fucking clue about!

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