Freeform crochet hats and more

Hi everyone! I didn’t post lately but I worked hard: 2 freeform hats with flowers and spirals, and a skirt, a lattice bracelet and more.

Let me introduce you my hats first:

this one is sold, somewhere in transit. It is a double #freeform #crochet #hat, the back side is dc green.

And the second one, same colors, different shape and flowers:

this one is still available in my etsy shop here. I will double it, I think.

It was really fun to make them. How to do it? Hmm, first decide the color palette and the shape. After these steps, just be crazy, play with yarn, anything is allowed, no more rules. For tips and tricks use any available resource: some free resources are on internet: embellishments on Renate Kirkpatrick’s blog or on Pinterest.

Now my crazy #winter #crochet #skirt:

available here and in my etsy shop.

And a pretty lattice #bracelet, red, obvious, for Christmas:

bracelet-bracelet-joli-en-perles-faux-roug-16521175-bra4-jpg-156d0-0e432_236x236 available on my a little market shop only:here.

About my mittens and some little snowflakes feel free to brows my shops and/or my old posts:) I will be back soon I hope with news!



Fall crochet and some jewelry

I didn’t post lately, but I had some time (and nice yarn) to #crochet and #bead.

This project took me a while to accomplish, but I made it (finally). It is a #tunic or #dress in #fall colors (green, beige, and orange) with some nice spirals in front:


#fashion crochet

It is olive green and a bright orange (but not really neon). Link to my etsy shop. Available in my alittlemarket boutique too.

And a huge #granny square blouse or vest for #winter or fall:

#black granny square hippie boho blouse / vest

It is soft and warm acrylic yarn (mostly acrylic, it might have some wool), and a pretty pattern:)) On the back same granny, minus those 2 flowers from shoulders.

And some cuties in pink or just nice bright colors:

spiral earrings with copper findings

Link to my alittle market #boutique (not listed on etsy).

And an assorted bracelet with flowers and beads:


And a pink #purse with a little tatted doily

#bag #purse #pink

It is green, pink, lilac and some light yellow with a flower button. More pictures you can find on links  or in my shops, this is a free account, so limited space I’m afraid.

And I said beading… Just one bracelet, a freeform peyote stitch bracelet in fall colors (yellow, orange, brown)

#freeform bracelet #peyote #bracelet

freeform #cuff

So what do you think?

crochet dress diagram

I added some suggestions for the white dress, diagrams I’m afraid. I don’t have yarn to try all at the moment. I will this month or maybe in July, so… this is all I can do right now.

Cristina My Crochet

wedding dress crochet dress

found on pinterest. Use a 5-6 mm hook (H/I) for something similar with the blue dress. It’s not the same, but close enough.

for the white dress, you can pick any of the ribbon lace/ stripes you like.

Try here:

lace crochet

or this one:

lace crochet joining

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Open work crochet and summer sales on etsy

I was busy at work lately, but still crafting.

I made a #top or short sleeves #blouse on Old Pink Red Heart Margareta with a 5 mm crochet hook. It is #lace, alternating #broomstick lace, #flowers and #pineapple motif edging.

pink lace crocheted blouse

Link to my etsy shop with more pictures.

An Summer #sales on my etsy shop: 15 % discount, minimum purchase 10 $. Use summer2015 #coupon code at check out.

And I made a bikini top:D, colorful, various stitches. Main pattern is a classic triangle, but… change stitch and color at each 2 rounds and increased from round 4 just in 2 corners. (2.5 mm hook and cotton crochet thread no 6):

hippie bikini top

And some little #bracelets:) beaded and macrame/knots with beads:

#macrame macrame bracelet light green

All beads are white, the light made them to look blue or light green.

Herastrau park

Herastrau park

And if you like pink, I have some suggestions for you:

(founds on Internet, via google search:D)


pink crochet

top pink crochet bruges crochet

pink lace top crochet

Click on picture to find more pink;)

I will post more often, I hope.

Happy crafting;)

Crochet news

Hi there,

I didn’t have enough time to post lately, but I did crochet;)

I made this huge doily, in organic cotton, thick enough to be used as a decorative rug, doily or center table/mat:

2 doily rug3 tapis au crochet

I didn’t block it yet. I wanted to make something repetitive, I was too tired to think:D But I love the result.

And my other doily rugs:

crocheted rug

And a gray version, made to order,

And a cute necklace, on purple with a little flower:

crocheted necklace

And some beaded earrings:

21 22 24 26

Variations on same theme… Tear drop earrings in light purple and white, and golden seed beads and white pearls (faux).

About the white dress, I didn’t have time to make something, but I found this nice motif (works better in smaller size, for large you will need a bigger hook or more stripes…).

Better quality image, black points are picots. You can mix those 2 motifs or use a single one, or just another one similar.

(link to Pinterest, where I found this one), but you can right click on image and search with google for more similar motif (some millions will result, so have fun picking one:)

Happy crafting everyone!

Happy feet slippers and some new jewelry

I made a pair of slippers for myself this time.

I made 2 soles joined together: one in hemp rope and one it’s wool:IMG_20150106_195336 IMG_20150107_010830 IMG_20150107_081642 IMG_20150106_195311

I used a 6.5 mm hook (M) and worst weight wool.

As you can see the sole has only two rounds: for the smallest size I chained 22 and worked around in dc (to turn work as a circkle: 2 dc in each st). For different sizes add 3 sts for each size. These are 22.5 cm for 23,5 add 3 sts, for 23 add 2, for 24 add 4…

Join together those 2 soles and work 2 rounds of sc.

The stitch I used is Catherine wheel adapted: instead of ch 5 I chained 2 at the second round ( the blue navy one).

In the front part: ch 4 (or 6 for bigger sizes) cluster: *dc in first group of color B, tr in next group, double treble in each next 2 groups, tr in next group, dc in next group*, ch 4 (or 6) and sc in the opposite side.

Now about my jewelry:

some necklaces and earrings, a heart pendant and a beaded beads ring. All will be available in my shops tomorrow:)

By the way, 15% discount on both my shops: etsy shop here, or in the right panel of my page

and a little market here:

For my etsy shop use coupon code soldes15 at check out:) (available untill January 31).

Now let me introduce you my new jewelry:

IMG_20150124_115032 IMG_20150124_115108 IMG_20150112_224548 IMG_20150112_224603 IMG_20150112_224613 IMG_20150112_224627 IMG_20150120_143955 IMG_20150120_144005 IMG_20150120_144151 IMG_20150120_144852 IMG_20150120_193442 IMG_20150121_183315 IMG_20150121_183543 IMG_20150123_203317 IMG_20150123_203834 IMG_20150123_204552 IMG_20150123_204643

And this one, on black and silver, already listed on etsy: