Spring crafts

And summer. More summer I think:)

So let me introduce you my new freeform top  with flowers and spirals:


finally finished:)

A lovely bolero in taupe cotton for summer:


round bolero for summer


As you can see I have a new friend modelling:))

For this one I used a 6.5 mm hook (K/10 1/2) and cotton, Catania works great I think.

For the middle: I used a doily diagrambolero center doily

You leave 2 holes for arms when you reach the distance between shoulders + 1 inch (2-4 cm) – I used 39 chains for S/M size (x2), then 2 rounds V stitch and an pineapple motif edging: (you can pick up any edging, I used the last one)


found on pinterest, obvious. Anyway, it’s a round bolero, or doily bolero, and it’s pretty!

Also I made a sunny dress with 3 cute flowers with buttons:



For the top I used this stitch:

And some block stitch for skirt, repeating spiderweb motif:D Any edge you like, see above. I used simple shells.

I hope you like it!

I have some wips but, I don’t have enough time right now….

Anyway my summer collection looks pretty well (my opinion, anyway:D)

For more pictures visit my shops:)

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Some of my items available on etsy


an irish crochet top

an one of the kind dress

or a pdf pattern

A new raid on Internet looking for something cute to make this weekend

Let’s see what I found :pendant or earring

First some beaded earrings or pendant, looks good for me, I will give a try later.

Next, 104563418_large_a99857f2489a89e35972ee2ee12f5273 (1) is a very nice shawl, lace crochet with fans, my favorites.

And the last one for now should be a tatting something I guess, but I prefer this:

0_8f592_c592aefa_XLwith a chart which says it belongs to someone from Russia, but I found it on a brazilian image host site…0_8f595_3de3ee77_L

And other cute things, with charts or only for inspiration100717166_large_77100717167_large_78100717168_large_7998904641_large_065459e095e1e29ed5f821f38e3f5bef100279995_large_35894530481_large_441567694530483_large_1778253pp-zelpp-zel2

The dress and the sunflower blanket, vintage or not, are absolutely gorgeous!

Now choose your project and have fun!