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Now let me introduce you my new crafts.

First a freeform vest:

on the back it’s a tree, few spirals and a lot of flowers.

A tatted necklace (needle tatting) which took me a while to accomplish, but pretty happy with it:

#spring colors:)

a blouse/tunic in black and white

the up is made with a really pretty yarn, and soft too.

And now I try to finish some new projects. I will show you only:

Lovely, isn’t it? But it takes a lot of time.


Bracelet, earrings, cuff, and gloves


Happy New Year!

New year, new items, this time on #crochet thread, and #lace.

First, #bridal mittens, or #cuffs.

cuffs lace crochet cuff 2 lace crochet cuff lace crochet wedding cuff


made on cotton thread.

Than assorted earrings: #crochet earrings with #beaded heart:

lace crochet earrings


and a black #cuff or #bracelet:

crochet cuff black gothic crochet cuff lace cuff


Some beads I made last week:

A #herringbone stitch bracelet:

bracelet_1 Fotografie0758 herringbone bracelet herringbone bracelet1


I am very proud of this one. Looks better then in pictures and I made the toggle myself. (All stores are closed until Monday:)), so I had a good reason to try.)

For this one I watched a video tutorial from Auntie’s beads, but I didn’t have that kind of beads, so I adapted. Maybe next time I will try their pattern.


And some earrings :

earrings 1 earrings 2 earrings_2 Fotografie0770


And that’s it for today:)

Have a nice weekend!

5 fingers gloves and a slipper!

This is what I made last week, and the scarf, of course.

.crochet gloves Fotografie0269 Fotografie0270 Fotografie0271

These are the gloves. I didn’t have any #pattern and I didn’t write this one, but I found this one, which is a #free pattern, by the way, and looks prety close: .

If you want more #free patterns for gloves, on the same site: .

And I finally finished a slipper:

my slippers crochet slipper slipper crochet slippers

For the slippers: you need a H crochet hook , 50 g worst weight yarn of MC (main color = black), and 2-3 colors scraps.

1. Flower:

R1: ch 3, 9 dc [tr, UK] in the first ch, join with sl st [sc] in the 3rd ch from the beginning ch 3 to form a circle.

R2: Change color: ch 3,  2dc tog [2tr tog] in the same st, ch 1,* cluster of 3 dc {3 dc worked together} [cluster of 3 tr] in the next dc, ch 1*, repeat *_* 9 times, join in the 3rd ch from the beginning ch 3. (10 petals)

R3: Change color: ch 3, 2 dc in the same st [2 tr in the same st], ch 1, *3dc in the next ch from the previous round, ch 1 [3 tr in the next ch from the previous round, ch 1]*; repeat *_* 9 times, join in the 3rd ch from the beginning ch 3.

Fasten off.

2.For sole: You can buy one felted, or whatever you want, or you can make one with a 5 mm crochet hook, and 2-3 strands of yarn . You can use this one , or you can google for another one:) ( it should be symmetrical, that means half circle for the heel too).

3. After you made your sole,

R1: ch 2, ( work in the back loops only) 1 hdc [dc for UK] in each st around, join in the second ch from the beginning ch 2.

R2+3: Repeat R1.

R4: change color and repeat R1.

R5: change color ch 2, and work 1 hdc [dc]  in the third loop of each st (not in the front loop, neither in the back loop; behind the back loop it is a third loop, there:D), join.

Changing colors repeat R1 twice. Fasten off.

In the front join your flower working 1 sc in the slipper, ch 1, 1 sc in the flower, 1 sc in the second st from the slipper (skip 1), ch 1, 1 sc in the second st from the flower [hdc, ch 1], and so on.

For embellishment: for the front part 1 row of dc [tr] in the flower, with MC (main color), and around crab stitch (or reverse sc) with a color at your choice.

If you don’t like this pattern, you can check here to choose yours:

And I still need time to finish my pullover:(

But I have these in the stash, and more coming from Camy Handmade:D

Fotografie0285 Fotografie0280 Fotografie0281 Fotografie0282 Fotografie0283

I love it all! So I will have news soon.