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I use a new app for etsy shops which helps you to sell directly on social media. And I have Direct Checkout on Etsy:D

Now let me introduce you my new crafts.

First a freeform vest:

on the back it’s a tree, few spirals and a lot of flowers.

A tatted necklace (needle tatting) which took me a while to accomplish, but pretty happy with it:

#spring colors:)

a blouse/tunic in black and white

the up is made with a really pretty yarn, and soft too.

And now I try to finish some new projects. I will show you only:

Lovely, isn’t it? But it takes a lot of time.


My work – page 1:))

How my etsy front page looks today:)

Just 2 photos:

page 1

handmade gifts

and the bottom:)

page 1.2

I remind you: all in sale, 30% off, use coupon code summer2014.

I accept custom orders for all:) so feel free to ask for it!

I manually reduced prices on a little market too, because I forgot where I can find the soldes button, hm,  me…

And I didn’t list all there, someday maybe I will have enough time.

little market

looks great, don’t you think? (:D)

Have a nice weekend and craft craft craft!

Sales for one day! (left)

35 % off until May 31, use coupon code SPRINGTIME at check out.

crochet dress

irish crochet top

crochet rug

Vase with poppies needlepoint

cherry blossom earrings

And another 60+ items, all on sale!

Some of my work gallery, with links to my etsy shop:

Huge crocheted rug

2014-04-27 12.51.02-1

crocheted rug

2014-04-27 12.51.02-2

crocheted rug


Now you can see that is huge!:) 5 ft x 7 ft!

Finally finished. It needs to be washed and blocked and maybe some eco stiffener.

covoras 2 covoras 3 covoras det covoras covoras1

5 days, (evenings:D and nights), 1500 yds of yarn x 3 strands, this means 1,5 kilos, more or less tails, but looks great to me. And it’s huge 200 + cm x 140+, longer and larger than myson couch:))  I took the pictures from an armchair. Now I can sleep:D, it’s 4 am here.

But I have to add some hashtags first…

#crochet, #crochet rug, #handmade, #oval rug

WIP and some bracelets

It’s just a gallery this time. We have issues with power and Internet connection, because it’s raining (again), of pearls bracelet green bracelet red bracelet with flower tear drop earrings peach bracelet 2014-04-21 18.30.29-11 2014-04-21 18.30.29-28 2014-04-21 18.38.39-2 2014-04-22 12.30.50-3 crocheted rug 2014-04-22 13.29.57-3 2014-04-22 13.29.57-4 crocheted rug 2014-04-24 19.51.12-4 blue bracelet 0 blue bracelet1 blue bracelet02 peach bracelet

I checked the rug pattern, and I started a huge one. Already has 170 cm x100 cm. I need to make another 5-7 rounds to reach 210 x 150 ( 7ft x 5 ft), and to fill the gaps with some cute triangles or flowers. It is a banana or butter white in 3 strands, Red Heart Detroit 2 strands + Alize Cotton Gold 1 strand. I have to finish it this weekend.

The blue #bracelets and the peach one are RAW, and the red and the green one are stretch bangles.

And almost forgot the flowers for my birthday:

2014-04-23 09.42.55-4 2014-04-23 09.42.55-5


That’s it for today, more next time, in a sunny day maybe…I hope you like it…

Crocheted rug


These are my notes, to the one who knows what she said… and will be available in few hours.

I finally made one! With my own pattern, that I will list it in few hours. I have to make it nice, with pictures:D

YES, finished the pattern in US terms, with enough pictures I think, for all


and taddam:

crochet rug 00 crochet rug det big crochet rug det crochet rug

What do you think? It is 83 cm diameter, which means 33 inches? Or something like this. I have to convert it. But I am very proud of it.

And the shrug is almost done. I have to join sleeves and cut tails 😦 Tomorrow, I think:)

So, I used my own pattern, and I wrote it this time, now I have to put it in a word document with pictures, maybe a photo tutorial in 2 colors for the middle part, and make it pdf, hm, see you in 5-6 hours:)) At least.

Made it:) #pattern here:

OK, made it in UK terms too.

Good night! Sleep well!


Something new: a rug

A rug for my dog. He doesn’t look very interested on it… I made it from an old pair of jeans and some scraps. It still needs to be block, but I like it. I used a tutorial posted on my FB, never made such thing before, but I will repeat the experience for sure.

You can find here the photo-tutorial:

crochet rug

crochet rug

covoras covoras1 covoras2 covoras3

I hope you like it!