Happy feet slippers and some new jewelry

I made a pair of slippers for myself this time.

I made 2 soles joined together: one in hemp rope and one it’s wool:IMG_20150106_195336 IMG_20150107_010830 IMG_20150107_081642 IMG_20150106_195311

I used a 6.5 mm hook (M) and worst weight wool.

As you can see the sole has only two rounds: for the smallest size I chained 22 and worked around in dc (to turn work as a circkle: 2 dc in each st). For different sizes add 3 sts for each size. These are 22.5 cm for 23,5 add 3 sts, for 23 add 2, for 24 add 4…

Join together those 2 soles and work 2 rounds of sc.

The stitch I used is Catherine wheel adapted: instead of ch 5 I chained 2 at the second round ( the blue navy one).

In the front part: ch 4 (or 6 for bigger sizes) cluster: *dc in first group of color B, tr in next group, double treble in each next 2 groups, tr in next group, dc in next group*, ch 4 (or 6) and sc in the opposite side.

Now about my jewelry:

some necklaces and earrings, a heart pendant and a beaded beads ring. All will be available in my shops tomorrow:)

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Now let me introduce you my new jewelry:

IMG_20150124_115032 IMG_20150124_115108 IMG_20150112_224548 IMG_20150112_224603 IMG_20150112_224613 IMG_20150112_224627 IMG_20150120_143955 IMG_20150120_144005 IMG_20150120_144151 IMG_20150120_144852 IMG_20150120_193442 IMG_20150121_183315 IMG_20150121_183543 IMG_20150123_203317 IMG_20150123_203834 IMG_20150123_204552 IMG_20150123_204643

And this one, on black and silver, already listed on etsy:


Lace crochet and tatting (frivolite)

Today it was a Mandala CAL, and I did it! Almost:D I didn’t like last 2 rows so I improvised. And I used cotton… for embroidery and a steel hook,  and I made a pendant:

mandala pendant

You can find the pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-mandala-for-your-home , it is a photo tutorial, easy to follow.

And I made some matching earrings:

flower crochet earrings with buttons

And some frivolite (tatting, needle tatting). A necklace and a 3 layers flower earrings:

tatted necklace

tatted earrings

And I almost finished the shrug. I have to join the sleeves, wash and block and it’s ready to go:) Now I have to stop. My mouse doesn’t work properly…

Bracelet, earrings, cuff, and gloves


Happy New Year!

New year, new items, this time on #crochet thread, and #lace.

First, #bridal mittens, or #cuffs.

cuffs lace crochet cuff 2 lace crochet cuff lace crochet wedding cuff


made on cotton thread.

Than assorted earrings: #crochet earrings with #beaded heart:

lace crochet earrings


and a black #cuff or #bracelet:

crochet cuff black gothic crochet cuff lace cuff


Some beads I made last week:

A #herringbone stitch bracelet:

bracelet_1 Fotografie0758 herringbone bracelet herringbone bracelet1


I am very proud of this one. Looks better then in pictures and I made the toggle myself. (All stores are closed until Monday:)), so I had a good reason to try.)

For this one I watched a video tutorial from Auntie’s beads, but I didn’t have that kind of beads, so I adapted. Maybe next time I will try their pattern.


And some earrings :

earrings 1 earrings 2 earrings_2 Fotografie0770


And that’s it for today:)

Have a nice weekend!

Something blue

This week I started a lot of new projects, just few finished, I’m afraid.

But I made something blue:) I beaded….

Blue flower earrings

sblue flower earrings 3 blue flower earrings blue flower earrings 1 blue flower earrings 2


A beaded crochet rope bracelet, to match with the earrings:D

bracelet 4 bracelet 2 bracelet 3


And again earrings, still shades of blue:)

wheel earrings 2 wheel earrings wheel earrings 1


And I knitted a hat on black and purple:) glistering purple

knitted hat det

knitted hat 1

cable beanie


cable beanie

cable beanie

A new raid on Internet looking for something cute to make this weekend

Let’s see what I found :pendant or earring

First some beaded earrings or pendant, looks good for me, I will give a try later.

Next, 104563418_large_a99857f2489a89e35972ee2ee12f5273 (1) is a very nice shawl, lace crochet with fans, my favorites.

And the last one for now should be a tatting something I guess, but I prefer this:

0_8f592_c592aefa_XLwith a chart which says it belongs to someone from Russia, but I found it on a brazilian image host site…0_8f595_3de3ee77_L

And other cute things, with charts or only for inspiration100717166_large_77100717167_large_78100717168_large_7998904641_large_065459e095e1e29ed5f821f38e3f5bef100279995_large_35894530481_large_441567694530483_large_1778253pp-zelpp-zel2

The dress and the sunflower blanket, vintage or not, are absolutely gorgeous!

Now choose your project and have fun!