Freeform crochet hats and more

Hi everyone! I didn’t post lately but I worked hard: 2 freeform hats with flowers and spirals, and a skirt, a lattice bracelet and more.

Let me introduce you my hats first:

this one is sold, somewhere in transit. It is a double #freeform #crochet #hat, the back side is dc green.

And the second one, same colors, different shape and flowers:

this one is still available in my etsy shop here. I will double it, I think.

It was really fun to make them. How to do it? Hmm, first decide the color palette and the shape. After these steps, just be crazy, play with yarn, anything is allowed, no more rules. For tips and tricks use any available resource: some free resources are on internet: embellishments on Renate Kirkpatrick’s blog or on Pinterest.

Now my crazy #winter #crochet #skirt:

available here and in my etsy shop.

And a pretty lattice #bracelet, red, obvious, for Christmas:

bracelet-bracelet-joli-en-perles-faux-roug-16521175-bra4-jpg-156d0-0e432_236x236 available on my a little market shop only:here.

About my mittens and some little snowflakes feel free to brows my shops and/or my old posts:) I will be back soon I hope with news!





Fresh from the hook, a new bolero with flowers:

crocheted bolero with flowers

This photo has a link to my etsy shop:) You may visit it for more photos, I will upload here too:

Without links:

bolero front bolero st bolero stt bolero bolero det

And you have the stitch I used. It’s a little bit tricky, those 2 dc are in the back of the treble on RS (right side) and in front of the treble on the wrong side (US terms).

Not too much for a month, but I will post more often I hope!

Crocheted necklaces #2

Do you remember my finds for holidays? If not, try here

Why do I ask?? Because finally I tried one of those necklaces. And it works pretty good. I made it in black and sparkling grey with some magatma beads. I used cotton for embroidery and metallic thread (it’s not really metallic, it’s just sparkling grey with some black) and a 1.75 mm steel hook.

Let me to introduce you my latest creation;))

crocheted necklace black neck clos black neck det black neck det grey crocheted neck det


I hope you like it:)

And the second one, a pearles fantasy with crocheted flowers:

pearl det OOAK crocheted necklace pearl0 pearl 2 pearl 3

It is really lace. And I think I will try more such things. I really have fun with these:D


My work, part 2

This is part of my page 3 on etsy shop:)

page 3

handmade gifts page 3 

And part of page 2

page 2

And this is page 4:)

page 4

To discover other pay a visit to my etsy shop:

I remind you that this is the last day on sales:)



New scarf;)

I made it yesterday with one skein (240m) 100g brick and some scraps from rug. Looks great, I hope you like it:

scarf2 scarf000 scarf00 scarf0 scarf1

I will write the pattern these days, for grannies too;) I will list this one on first, on September 1st on etsy.

Now I remind you that my etsy shop is on SALES mode;) 30% off, use coupon code SUMMER2014 at check out and enjoy it.

Some other scarves I made, on etsy:

broomstick lace scarf

finger knitted scarf

hooded scarf

lovely lace crocheted infinity scarf

hooded scarf (infinity scarf)

grey and pink neckwarmer


Jar cover

As I promised, small projects;) What about a jar cover or jar candle cover? It can be used as a glass cover or mug as well.

Let me show you:

jar cover black jar cover day light glass+black jar candle cover jar candle cover 2 jar cover 3

It fits to 350-450 g jars and a normal water glass or an x-long one.  height 10 cm (4 inches) for the cover and the stitch is stretch, if you don’t work too tight, so check your tension:) ( I mean check with your jar or glass):

I used a 3 mm hook and crochet thread Num 6, says on label:D

Chain 8, form a ring:

ch 8 form a ring


Round 1: ch3 (count as a dc), 15 dc in ring, join in 3rd ch from the beginning ch 3. (16 dc)

ch 3 15 dc in ring

Round 2: ch 4 (1 dc +ch 1), *dc in next st, ch 1*, repeat 14 more times (16 dc, ch 1 groups); join with sl st in 3rd ch from the beginning ch 3.

round 2 ch 4, dc in next st, ch 1, repeat 15 more timesround 2 join


Round 3: ch 4 (1d+ch 1), dc in next ch 1 space, dc, ch 1, dc in next ch1 space- it’s the V-stitch- and the ch 1 space means the hole formed between those 2 dc from Round 2. Anyway, dc, ch1, dc in each ch 1 space around. Join. (16 V-stitches).

round 3

Round 4: ch 3 (count as dc), *3 dc , ch 3, 3 dc in next V-stitch (in the ch 1 space), dc in next V-stitch,* repeat around and join: you will have an 8 petals flower (which can be used as a potholder):

round 4 joined


Round 5: ch 3, 3 dc, ch3, 3 dc in next ch 3 space, *dc in next dc, 3 dc, ch 3, 3dc in next ch 3 space*, repeat *_* around.

*Rounds 6 – 16 repeat Round 4.

Finishing: Round 17: ch 1, sc in same st, sc in each next 3 sts, 2 sc together, and repeat around. If you work very tight, you don’t need to decrease.

I hope that I didn’t miss anything. If you have any problem, just let me know…

Now, I finally finished  my yoke dress. (Finally, because I started it last year…)

It is full handmade:

rochie 1rochie 2

rochie 3 yoke back yoke detail cup

And I will make an assorted purse for it:D And this is for myself.