Happy New Year and my purple obsession

New Year, new set:) On purple, but not only. I made some hats and scarves with the yarn which Santa gave me.

So let me introduce you my new creations!

First a hat with little flowers, on purple, green, and white:

available on my etsy shop

purple hat

and two assorted scarves:

purple scarf

esarfa 11

This is the first one. As you can see can be worn as a collar or necklace or as a neckwarmer.

It is also available on my etsy shop, I just listed it.

And the second one, in same colors:

scarf + hat scarf1

it’s a tubular neckwarmer worked in V stitch with a 6.5 mm hook (K/10/12)on 78 stitches;). I will list it tonight;)

And the hat for the challenge, ofc:

purple hat 2 purple hat 12


This is a lavender purple;) Looks great. I used Red Heart Baby soft 2 strands and a 6.5 mm hook (K/10/ 12) and 76 sts. (52 for visor) .

The pattern is on yarnspiration.com. Patons. I found the link: http://www.yarnspirations.com/women-s-peaked-cap.html

About my new WIP(s) next time:)

a doily rug or blanket and some slippers.





New crocheted scarf # who knows?

I said small projects, now I make only scarves;) And a headband.

So, I listed the red one, now let me introduce you another 3;))

The brown one, made with 6.5 mm (K) crochet hook and a soft bulky wool. It’s so called interlocking crochet. I made a mesh and then I inserted the Big Bang Alize yarn. I wanted some pompons yarn, but I didn’t find it. I will try it some other time:

scarves 151 scarves 144

Real colors in the second picture. Cute, cozy and warm. For more pictures check my FB page or my etsy shop here:

The second one it’s broomstick lace in dark purple and some variegated yarn with a lot of purple:

scarves 163 scarves 158 scarves 161

listed this one too;)

And an assorted headband in tunisian crochet:


tunisian crochet headband

And the last one, a cowl or scarf or cape, made with a bulky yarn and a 9 mm crochet hook:

scarf cowl cape

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Part of page 3 from my etsy shop;)


New scarf;)

I made it yesterday with one skein (240m) 100g brick and some scraps from rug. Looks great, I hope you like it:

scarf2 scarf000 scarf00 scarf0 scarf1

I will write the pattern these days, for grannies too;) I will list this one on alittlemarket.com first, on September 1st on etsy.

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Some other scarves I made, on etsy:


broomstick lace scarf

finger knitted scarf

hooded scarf


lovely lace crocheted infinity scarf

hooded scarf (infinity scarf)

grey and pink neckwarmer


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A new scarf

A very long scarf as a matter of fact 180 cm (72 inches) and 18 cm wide (7.2 inches)

scarf 11 scarf 0 scarf

Made with a 5 mm hook and Alize Angora ( suitable to 1-4 crochet hook), alternating stitches. (Tip: use a bigger hook then specified on label to be more lacy, or a smaller, if you don’t  like lace crochet).

Gauge: not important

Chain 250

Row 1: 1 dc in each ch.  250 dc. [UK: 1 treble in each ch, 250 tr].

Next rows:

I used some cluster flowers (modified):

pattern 1

I inserted 10 dc [ UK treble] between flowers and in the middle I joined with sc [hdc].

Instead of  1 dc, ch 1 [ 1 tr ch 1], I made 1 sc, ch 1 [1 tr, ch 1].

Next row – broomstick lace: ( without a broom: ch 3, * pick up 4 loops from each next 4 st, yarn over, pull yarn through 4 loops on the hook, yarn over, draw yarn through last 2 loops on hook; turn those 4 loops to see the middle and work 4 sc [hdc] in the middle*, repeat *_* until the end of the row, finish with 1 dc.

Here is a Teresa Richardson’ s tutorial for broomstick lace, if you own one, or you can use a piece of cardboard…



Next row: Cross stitch

Next row: 1 dc in each st.

Another row of broomstick lace.

Next row : ch 3, *3 dc tog in the next st, ch 1, skip 1 st, cross st, 3 dc tog in the next st*; repeat until the end of the row. Finish with 1 dc.

[ch 3, *3 tr tog, ch 1, skip 1 st, cross st, 3 tr tog in the next st*; repeat *_* and finish row with tr].

Last row: 1 dc in each st. [ 1 tr in each st].


Work broomstick lace all around. In the corners: 1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc. [1 tr, ch 3, 1 tr].

My new hooded scarf

I hope you will like it.  It took me some time to finish it, but looks great to me.

hooded scarf 1 hooded scarf 4 hooded scarf2 hooded scarf 3

For the pdf pattern check my etsy shop here:


And a bracelet, of course 😀

beaded braceletbracelet Fotografie0060

Now I want to finish a doily, first doily this year. It’s something red with green and whita, for Christmas.