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Last night I found this e-mail in my etsy inbox:

Listing: www.etsy.com/au/listing/172679949/flower-garden-embroidered-crochet-scarf

How do I get certification that these are not made by slave labor, horrific work environment, or children?

from Kathryn Gower:

So, I want to be clear for everyone.

I am 45 years old, I live in Romania (which is in Europe, EU, last time I checked, anyway, and not in Asia or Africa or wherever else), and I have a son  (he is 24 years old, and he doesn’t crochet, knit, bead or tat;he likes more playing WOW or Star Wars or idk what), and I also have a full time job.

I am on FB since 2006, lol. Maybe I am a newbie in blogging, but I learned to crochet at 8, from my grandmother’s friend. She used to make Romanian lace. I didn’t like it very much. Then I learned to knit and sew (embroidery) at school, I was 10 or 12. For beading and tatting I used youtube. They are great videos there!

All the items I sell are made by me, usually using my pattern, or an adapted pattern. I don’t sell other people work. I just admire it. And I feel free to share what I like and what I find free on internet, mentioning the source, if this is possible. When google gives 1 mill + results for a pattern or item, you better give up to find the original source.

So misses Kathryn Gower, stop judging people, go back to school and try to learn something this time! Maybe some geography and history will help.

And now about sharing something cute:

a free pattern

stained glass grannysquare

This is a free pattern, just follow the link, and you will discover a nice blog:) I changed the link to real owner:))

For a beadspread or even a dress, these are some unusual grannies, swirl patterns.

swirl grannies

I found this on pinterest here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/31384528627149755/

along with this one:

Now, I will use one of these to make a shrug, or a bolero, or something. They are too cute…


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. RobotDancing says:

    I love the stained glass squares! As for the lady who emailed you, she would be better off emailing the big department stores, those are the people who sell things made by slave labour!

  2. creative pixie says:

    Beautiful crochet – it really is like a stained glass window.

  3. wow miss Kathryn has issues! I love brights with black! Great design too! Ooooh and such lovely patterns! Now I wish I could actually follow patterns!

  4. sorry this is me/ my art blog~foundthingsart.com

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