Short sleeves sweater pattern

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Let’s make a lace sweater, easy but gorgeous. I have some diagrams from a russian magazine, let’s hope that works like this;) I found it here: Let’s start to write a pattern for those who don’t work with diagrams: I use Ecolana, suitable for a 3-4 mm crochet hook. Find something similar. For size S/M […]

Free Pattern: Crochet Hoop Earrings

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I love free crochet patterns, as my Pinterest boards, Evernote files and Ravelry account can attest.  Some of the free patterns work up to make beautiful items, while others leave me with a lukewarm Oye.  It is my hope that my first pattern is easy to follow and allows you to make a pair of lightweight, crocheted earrings that look great.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Crochet Hoop Earrings (Pin It Here)

You will need:

20mm hoop
1.30mm hook
1.10mm hook
Organic cotton thread
#24 Cross stitch needle
Not pictured
  • 2 Sterling Silver Jump ring
  • 2 Surgical Steel Earhook/wire
  • Needle nose pliers
Tension should be taunt, not loose
Round 1: (with 1.30mm hook) Beginning with a sl knot and leaving a long tail, SC 42 sts around hoop, working the first 20 sc over the long tail. Turn stitches to the…

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Wave fingerless mittens pattern

manusi manusi 1 manusi 2 Imagine0312

You will need 2 skeins yarn (I used Red Heart Margareta – 50 g each or any yarn suitable for a 3 mm ( D for USA, crochet hook), 1 color A, 1 color B.

Gauge: 45 st x 10 rows of pattern = 6 inch x 3.5 inch (15 x 9 cm)


sl st  = slip stitch

sc  = single crochet

dc  = double crochet

tr= triple crochet (treble)


Sorry for this image, I will change it.

Multiple of 15 pattern.

With A:

Chain 45. Join with slip stitch in the first chain.

Round 1: chain 1, 1 sc in the first chain and in every chain around. Join with slip stitch in the first sc.(42 sc)

Round 2: chain 3 ( count as a dc), 3 dc in the same sc, <*1 dc in the second sc (skip 1)*. Repeat *_* 6 times (6 dc). 4 dc in the second sc (skip 1), ch 1, 4 dc in the next sc>. Repeat <_>.  Join with sl stitch in 3rd chain from chain 3.

Round 3 : Don’t cut yarn, just join B with sl st. With B chain 1, 1 sc in every back loop of the dc from the previous round. Join with sl st in chain 1.(45 sc)

From here work in back loops only!

Round 4: Work with A, repeat round 2.

Round 5: Work with B, repeat round 3. (45 sc)

Round 6: Work with A: chain 4 (count as tr), (don’t forget, work in back loop only) 3 tr in the same sc, <*1 tr in the second sc (skip 1)*. Repeat *_* 6 times (6 tr). 4 tr in the second sc, ch 1, 4 tr in the next sc. Repeat <_> ( last stitch is ch 1). Join with sl st in the 4th chain from beginning chain 4.

Round 7: with B, chain 1, 1 sc in each trc around, join with sl st (45 sc).

Rounds 8-19 Repeat round 2-round 7 group twice. Remember to work in back loop only.

Round 20: with A, chain 9, dc in the 4th sc (skip 3), dc in the second sc (skip 1 sc) four times (5 dc group), 4 dc in the second sc, ch 1, 4 dc in the second sc, dc in the second sc 6 times, 4 dc  in the second sc,  ch 1, join with the 3rd chain from the beginning ch 9.

Round 21:with B ch 1, sc  in the next ch, skip 1 ch, sc in the next ch, skip 1 ch, sc in the next ch, sc in the next dc all around (45 sc).

Rounds 22-27 : repeat rounds 2-7 group. Fasten off, cut B yarn.

Round 28 : with A, 1 round of sc.

Fasten off. Cut the yarn.

With A pick up 14 sc around the tumb (5 sc from down side, 2 sc in each dc from right and left and 5 sc from the up side, join with your first sc). Work around 3 rows of sc, fasten off and cut the yarn.

Another  diagram for a wave pattern on 15 sts:


For those who work very tight or who need a bigger size:


I found these ones on Internet, but these are knitted, and I wanted to crochet something 🙂

knitted mittens

2 more… No Pattern, Freeform Crochet Lace Scarves….

Renate Kirkpatrick's Freeform Crochet~Knit~Fibre Designs

Cafe Latte no pattern scarfruby red freeform lace scarf

These 2, no pattern freeform crochet lace scarves, have been in my ‘to list’ box for so long I almost forgot I still had them… if you remember, I’ve blogged about these no pattern pieces before so, many of you will be familiar with this freeform technique, for those of you new to freeform its an easy way to get started.

Begin as you would any round crochet motif & work your stitches randomly, no need to complete each round, turn your work at any time & work over your half finished rounds so that you are creating odd shaped pieces any which way you like… this is no thinking crochet, just let the yarn & hook guide the way… incorporate as many stitches as you like… give your ‘creative pixie’ her head, don’t question her/him just allow it to happen…

~~~ for the ruby red one I used an…

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